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Clinical and Technical Aspects


SEMAX® significantly limits brain damage when administrated immediately after a Brain stroke; it allows optimal salvage of neurons and preservation as well as restitution of cerebral functions.

SEMAX® restores strength, capability and confidence of stroke survivors and the possibility of returning to independent living.

SEMAX® speeds up rehabilitation processes in patients recovering from illness to independence in many areas such as:
• Self-care skills like as feeding, grooming, bathing and dressing.
• Mobility skills like moving, walking ,self-propelling a wheelchair.
• Communication skills like speech and languages.
• Cognitive skills such as memory recall or problem solving.
• Socialization skills in interacting with other people.

SEMAX® combined with other drugs, slows the progression of Parkinson’s disease in the early stages and minimizes effects of the disorder:
• Minimizes muscle rigidity
• Improves loss of balance
• Improves initiation of voluntary movements
• Minimizes shaking, tremors
• Improves speaking difficulties
• Improves ability to show facial expressions
• Improves eating difficulties

SEMAX® in general, significantly improves all segments of functioning from daily activities and behavior, to the ability to care for oneself.

SEMAX® combined with other drugs, slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in its mild stages, and minimizes symptoms of the disease:
• Confusion about names and places
• Decreased ability to readily recall information
• Poor decision making skills
• Increasing memory loss and confusion
• Difficulty with language



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