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In the brain SEMAX® induces conformation changes in receptors of neurons comprising the Limbic Reticular complex leading to the increased generation of cAMP, c-GMP as well as of eicosanoids and certain oligopeptides: somatostatin, thyroliberin factor, cholecystokinin, dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonine, adenosine and histamine.
Semax® regulates the activating and inhibitory biosubstrate relation, NMDA receptors (glutamate, aspartate, glycine, taurine) in the central and peripheral nervous system, enhances the restitution of disturbed energy metabolism of neurons and their adjacent environment, returns the disarranged relation of neuron-astroglia function to normal, augments the activation of apoptosis inhibition, stimulates the modulation of synthesis of neurotrophins, proteins and other biosubstrates for the impaired neuron’s protection.

Semax® increases mRNA for NGF by 500% and for BDNF by 800%
(Shadrina M.I, et al)

Semax® inhibits the excessive generation of Nitic Oxide caused by cerebral ischemia.
(Bashkatova V.G; Armstrong D., et al)

Semax® increases the level of anti-inflammatory cytokines like IL-10, TGF-1ß and lowers the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines like IL-8 and C-Reactive Protein
(Myasoedov N.F., Skvortsova V.I., et al )

Semax® intensifies the expression of early genes that regulate and activate the adaptation process of the impaired neurons, it augments the activation of apoptosis inhibition by increasing levels of Bcl-2.
(E.Gusev and Skvortsova V.I)

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/ Brain Research 894 (2001) 145–149

* Corresponding author, Thomas Jefferson University , Wynnewood , PA 19096,USA

E.Gusev, V.I. Skvortsova, Proc. 6th European Fed of Neuological. Soc. Congress,Vienna,2002



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